Does your bike need some TLC?  We offer a number of tune-up packages designed to simply get your bike rolling all the way to a complete breakdown and reassembly!

Make It Roll ($40)

  • Front and rear brake adjustments
  • Front and rear gear adjustments
  • Chain lubed
  • Tires filled to pressure
  • Quick wipe down of bike

Make it “Run Good”! ($60)

  • Everything from the Basic Tune
  • Minor wheel truing front and rear
  • Adjust Bearings for front and rear hubs, headset, bottom bracket
  • Cables cleaned and lubed

Make it Fly! ($115)

  • Everything from the Advanced Tune
  • New Cables & Housing included
    (Tandems and recumbents excluded)
  • Handlebars re-wrapped
  • Leather saddles waxed
  • Resurface brake pads and brake surfaces

Make it New! ($185)

  • Everything from the Major Tune
  • Labor for tire and tube installation included
  • Disassemble & degrease drivetrain
  • $25 parts credit (not valid for labor)

The Big ‘O’verhaul! ($250)

  • Complete disassembly and reassembly
  • Everything from the Tune & Clean
  • Bike Wash and Frame Polish
  • Frame Saver Application for an extra $20
  • Face & chase bottom bracket and headtubes
  • Disassemble and repack bearing assemblies

$40 parts credit (not valid for labor)

Just need a quick tweak here and there?  No problem!  We have individual labor items priced out for adjustments and installs!


  • Brake Adjustments: $15
  • Shift Adjustments: $15
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment: $25
  • Wheel Truing: Starting at $20
  • Brake Bleed: $30
  • Suspension work $75/hr
  • Bearing adjustments: Starting at $10

Installations and assembly

  • Tire/Tube install: starting at $10
  • Tubeless tire setup: $20
  • Accessory Installs: Starting at $5
  • Cable installation (housing and basic cable included): $20
  • Brake Install: Starting at $15
  • Derailleur installation: $20
  • Disassemble and package bike for shipping: $75
  • Disassemble bicycle for painting: $45
  • Spoke Replacement: $30 (first spoke included)
  • Wrap Drop Handlebar: $15
  • Chain Installation: $10
  • Custom Build: $160

Professional Wheel Builds

Nothing excites us in the service department at Broomwagon more than the opportunity to build you a new wheel!  Handbuilt wheels are reliable, completely customizable, and just a joy to roll on knowing they were confidently built with your needs in mind!  All wheels built at Broomwagon are:

  • Built by a UBI-certified professional wheel-builder
  • Finished with DT Swiss Spoke Freeze
  • Tuned to correct and even tension
  • Guaranteed with lifetime truing (damage from accidents or neglect not covered)
  • Come with 10% off all components when 100% of parts are purchased here!